FHS Class of '58
40 Year Reunion

Banquet Photos
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ban1_sm.jpg - 2598 Bytes
This is why I have no Banquet photos. No flash. Thanks to Peter, Charlene & Herb for being the test case.
ban2_sm.jpg - 2797 Bytes
Phil Raczkowski sent in one to get the ball rolling.
Thanks to Charlene we have these additional pictures.
ban3_sm.jpg - 3575 Bytes
ban4_sm.jpg - 3460 Bytes
ban5_sm.jpg - 3193 Bytes
ban6_sm.jpg - 3075 Bytes
ban7_sm.jpg - 3651 Bytes
ban8_sm.jpg - 3359 Bytes
ban9_sm.jpg - 3188 Bytes
ban10_sm.jpg - 3317 Bytes
Now this looks like a WAY too serious conversation!
ban11_sm.jpg - 3015 Bytes
ban12_sm.jpg - 3467 Bytes
ban13_sm.jpg - 3099 Bytes
ban14_sm.jpg - 2974 Bytes

Now who will send in the next batch?

OR, how about submitting some captions to go with some of the pictures???

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